Selling your business?


Deciding to sell your business is the easy part. How to go about selling it is another issue altogether.

You owe it to yourself, your family, and your employees to approach your business sale with the same planning and dedication that you put to work in building your business. To catch the attention of the kind of quality buyers that you want for your business, and to secure the best possible result, it is of paramount importance that you work with a dedicated business broker who has your interests in mind.

Kleinhardt Business Brokers are the right choice to assist you in facilitating the sale of your business. We know that there are no shortcuts to success. No easy answers. We know that selling your business to the right buyer at the best price is hard work and it takes perseverance, professionalism and persistence.

Kleinhardt are committed to working systematically through the process with each and every client, not just as business brokers, but rather as business consultants providing a comprehensive approach to each step of the business transaction.

Kleinhardt believes a suitable approach to the sale of most business is to follow our ‘5 P’s’ approach:


Kleinhardt Business Brokers Do The Work To Sell Your Business
Selling a business should not be taken lightly or hastily. The successful sale of a business whereby the owner’s interests are optimised requiring careful planning, preparation and implementation. Kleinhardt business consultants can help prepare a business for sale by providing fee for service professional advice on a range of issues including
  • Consideration of Employee, Commercial, and Timing issues
  • Potential selling options
  • The final closure advice. When it comes time to transfer ownership or wind up the business, there are a number of things that need to be done…
  • Initial 1 hour free consultation is available upon request.

Kleinhardt Business Broker services can then provide your business with…

Engage Kleinhardt Business Brokers To Sell Your Business
As with most aspects of commercial life, planning is fundamental to success and incorporates the following aspects
  • Understanding, and being able to clearly articulate, why you wish to sell you business– A potential buyer will always wish to understand your rationale.
  • Clearly determine what you wish to achieve from the sale
  • Being aware of contractual issues

This exercise requires positioning the business to ensure the greatest opportunity for a successful sale and incorporates:
  • Confirming what is being sold
  • Engaging a realistic and appropriate valuation
  • Developing a comprehensive Information Memorandum


Engage Kleinhardt Business Brokers To Promote Your Business Sale

A hugely important aspect of the sale process but one that will be far more difficult should the previous two ‘P’s’ not have been completed satisfactorily. Successful promotion of your business requires effective consideration of a number of elements including:

  • Identification and classification of types of buyers likely to be interested in a purchase
  • Looking for the easy options
  • Direct promotion / approaches to targeted businesses
  • Advertising in the print media
  • Internet advertising on websites
  • Direct mail
  • E mail marketing
  • Circulation to our database of potential buy
Kleinhardt - The Key to a sucessfull business sale
5. Professional negotiation and follow up

After having established a strong ‘buyer-seller’ link, key elements to ensure a successful outcome of the sale of your business would include:

  • Clear and open communication channels
  • Our commitment to follow up and engage with all parties involved
  • Successful negotiation with the buyer to ensure satisfaction for both parties.

Whether you are ready to sell your business now or are just beginning to consider selling, contact Kleinhardt Business Brokers for a confidential, no cost appointment.

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